Caroline Salzedo MRSS(T), Dip BSS, Dip Movement Shiatsu

Shiatsu Practitioner & Teacher; Inner Qi Gong teacher 

I adore Shiatsu! I’ve been practising it for 15 years and the more I do it, the more amazing I realise it is. It’s a powerful, effective therapy which can be anything between a session with a physiotherapist easing tired and stressed bodies, and a peaceful meditation easing tired and stressed minds. Most often it’s both. Please contact me so I can convey some of my enthusiasm to you!

Treatments cost between £35 and £50 according to income and ability to pay. I give discounts for a course of treatments paid in advance.

Shiatsu students: I offer concessionary rates for treatments and tutorials, and am available for Post graduate supervision.

I also run regular workshops focusing on Bodywork, Shiatsu, Movement Shiatsu, Inner Qi Gong and Creativity.

Tel: Nottingham (0115) 970 3456 
Email calsalzedo@gmail.com

I am a Graduate of the British School of Shiatsu-Do (BSS) and a Member of the Professional Register of the Shiatsu Society and their Register of Teachers. I am a practitioner of Shiatsu Shin Tai, and  also a Movement Shiatsu practitioner and Inner Qi Gong teacher. I run my Shiatsu practice from home near the City Centre. 

I have studied with many teachers, including Bill Palmer of the School for Experiential Education and founder of Movement ShiatsuSaul Goodman founder of Shiatsu Shin Tai; Michael Rose and Sonia Moriceau.

Photos by Karen Livesey