What is Shiatsu

Shiatsu: modern therapy with ancient roots

Shiatsu (pronounced Shee-at-soo) means finger pressure.

Developed in Japan, with its origins in Ancient China, Shiatsu helps promote the body's ability to heal itself. The practitioner is an enabler, helping each client work with whatever is going on in their lives and bringing them more in touch with themselves and their body.

How does Shiatsu work?

  • Shiatsu addresses the whole person, not just the symptoms
  • The Practitioner uses fingers, thumbs, hands and arms
  • Each Shiatsu treatment is unique according to what the client needs
  • Shiatsu is given through clothes - there is no undressing

Who is it for?

Anyone can benefit from Shiatsu. It can affect specific conditions, working alongside conventional Western medicine, offer a new approach to a chronic condition or simply be a great way to relax. 

Some people come for a short course of treatments. Others have regular Shiatsu to improve relaxation and well being.
Photos by Karen Livesey