What can Shiatsu Treat

Shiatsu offers you a comfortable and safe environment in which to learn more about yourself and your health and improve your well being
Well-being is more than the absence of pain or disease.
It is the feeling that you want to get up in the morning, that life has treasures to offer.

And for well-being to last it's important to feel that life’s treasures are a part of your life; to feel a sense of inspiration and connection; that your spirit is moved; that your being is nourished.

Shiatsu takes you to that place inside where life feels good; where you feel you can do whatever you like, and find your heart’s desire. 

And that place deep inside has other things to offer.

The wonder that is the body/mind has the potential to heal itself. Shiatsu helps you find that healing potential inside yourself. 

If you want to discuss whether Shiatsu could help you, please contact me: email calsalzedo@hotmail.com or phone 0115 970 3456
Photos by Karen Livesey